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Process facilitation

This area would typically assist groups in medium to large sized organisations with the implementation of a proposed system or process. These groups would comprise of the organisations’ employees in the form of departments or sections together with outside consultants. The working groups could range from 5-20 members. The required outcome would typically be rolled out in the form of a project.

The role of process facilitation would include ensuring that all stakeholders are communicated with, that they understand the progress made, are informed of new developments and are consulted with in order to deliver an outcome by a given deadline.

Succinct process facilitation is therefore key in formulating, co-ordinating and updating continual action plans and communication structures in order to deliver the required outcome.

Group facilitation

Group facilitation would typically be used in instances where specified outcomes like enhanced conversation, strategic goals or problem solving is dependent on group participation. Methodologies adopted are Jungian based. Facilitating using Participlan – a powerful process that enables focused collaborative input in order to produce a project plan – is another tool which is employed in this process.

Witten consulting is a licensed provider of the Participlan methodology through the Business Presentation Group.

Strategy facilitation

In this process Witten Consulting assists companies or teams to identify their short, medium and long term goals. The output of these session/s can then be utilised in the formulation of a business plan document. In addition, Witten Consulting will assist in the identification of the high level steps required as well as the most appropriate role players required in order to realise the formulated key objectives.

Focus groups

Valuable information can be retrieved from focused discussions in order to determine opinions, attitudes or perceptions on company processes or products. These facilitated discussions are called focus groups. Areas of interest are predetermined by the company and a population of either internal or external individuals are included into the process. The results from these groups are correlated and presented to the company in the form of a report. When conducting focus groups with internal staff the feedback is further enhanced by having an independent and neutral party, such as Witten Consulting, conducting the process. This allows for more honest and succinct feedback on possibly sensitive topics.