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Witten Consulting is a specialist provider of business consulting, coaching and facilitation services focused on individuals and groups in large organisations as well as small to medium sized enterprises.

The consultancy was established by Lynn Witten and Quentin Witten. Together, this husband and wife team have a combined 35 years of management experience, spanning junior to executive management, in large organisations. Establishing the consultancy was in response to the need by business for people focused and results orientated, interventions that would create vision alignment and focus on specific outcomes. More importantly, these interventions needed to include individual and group empowerment in the process.

Witten Consulting employs methodologies of coaching and facilitation as process vehicles in these interventions in order for clients to achieve their set goals. Specialising in executive coaching, life coaching and business consulting; Witten Consulting enables companies to maximise their human capital by assisting individuals or groups to harness their inner energy, talents, knowledge and wisdom to achieve identified objectives. This enables organisations or individuals to seek and identify alternate possibilities and address potential stumbling blocks in a more efficient manner. In so doing a positive trajectory is created for the client.

Their hands on experiences in large organisations as well as extensive academic training allow them to consult on a variety of related topics.

Witten Consulting holds memberships with relevant professional bodies in order to be kept abreast of current developments and trends. It forms part of a collaborative network of professional companies and associates which enables them to always ensure that their clients are guaranteed of the very best insights and techniques when contracting their services. This translates into scalability and increased capacity for larger projects.

Both Lynn and Quentin’s experience in these fields, combined with their passion for people and people development, allows the consultancy to specialise in the fields of business consulting, facilitation and executive coaching.

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